Lotto 2.17

This program was developed to help you find a logic in drawn numbers sequences
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Stonito Software

Lotto is a very popular gambling game. It's popularity comes from the chance it offers a person to change his/hers life completely without a big risk. All the person needs is to predict the numbers that will be drawn in the next round. Have you ever found yourself looking at previous draws and trying to figure out any logic in drawn numbers sequences? If you think that there might be some kind of logic, then you should try Stonito Lotto, it will do all the work for you.
Main features:
- Play only limited number of combinations per round, minimize investment but stay in the game for a big prize.
- If you want togamble, you can use Stonito Lotto prediction to make your investment less risky.
- Neural Network used in this software is fully adaptable to try to match any lotto system today. You don't have to be expert in neural networks to use this software. Just experiment with a parameters and look at the results.

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